Blackwork & Cross Stitch
Original Stitch Art Patterns

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Tarot cards

Art Nouveau Blackwork
Tarot Sampler Stitch Along 2022-2023

Magic & Manga

Fantasy Japanese Art
Manga Magician Stitch Along 2022-2023

Christian Heritage

Blackwork in Color
Gothic Cathedral and Angel Sigils 2022-2023

Witchcraft& Magic

A collection of designs about witchcraft and magic, color or monochrome options.

Gemstones & Flowers

A series of bookmarks designed in the style of art nouveau panels.

Greek Pantheon

Greek Gods in monochrome blackwork.


Cogs & Gears Blackwork in color
Collection 2017-2022

Aztec Calendar

Original design, no fractional stitches.
Collection 2023

Lunar Calendar

Modern Blackwork Embroidery
Collection 2023

Stitch Alongs

Art Nouveau Tarot Arcana Stitch Along Sampler

Modern cross stitch blackwork embroidery pattern. The card charts are published every Wednesday.

Manga Style Magician Sampler Stitch

Modern cross stitch blackwork embroidery pattern. NO FRACTIONAL STITCHES. The magician charts are published every Monday.

Magic Schools Sampler - Modern Blackwork Cross Stitch Pattern

This site presents exclusive author’s embroidery charts. CircleCross style is a fusion of the geometrical and starry Gingham Swiss embroidery and English blackwork. These techniques have been creatively reimagined to become Stitch Art – the thread drawing (dessin au fil, or Fadenzeichnung) for counted canvas – and incorporate contemporary genres and trends such as art nouveau, steampunk and fantasy art.

 All works are created in Switzerland, so Swiss nature and architecture are present in the designs – take a closer look to see mountains, lakes, valleys, chalets, Gothic cathedrals and even Chillon Castle.