Featured Collections

Tarot cards

Art Nouveau Blackwork
Tarot Sampler Stitch Along 2022-2023

Magic & Manga

Fantasy Japanese Art
Manga Magicians. No fractional stitches.

Christian Heritage

Blackwork in color - Gothic Cathedrals, Advent Calendars and Angel Sigils. No fractional stitches.


Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and soon Japanese, Pagan Slavic myths. No fractional stitches.

The Tamed

Our favourite pets and their wild relatives. No fractional stitches, easy framing.

Diceberg RPG

Portraits of characters in a tabletop RPG game Diceberg - Warrior, Mage, Rogue, etc.

Witchcraft& Magic

A collection of designs about witchcraft and magic, color or monochrome options.

Gemstones & Flowers

A series of bookmarks designed in the style of art nouveau panels.

Greek Pantheon

Greek Gods in monochrome blackwork.


Cogs & Gears Blackwork in color
Collection 2017-2022

Aztec Calendar

Original design, no fractional stitches.
Collection 2023

Lunar Calendar

Modern Blackwork Embroidery
Collection 2023

Modern Blackwork Embroidery Patterns

This site presents exclusive author’s embroidery charts. CircleCross style is a fusion of the geometrical and starry Gingham Swiss embroidery and English blackwork. These techniques have been creatively reimagined to become Stetching – the thread drawing (dessin au fil, or Fadenzeichnung) for counted canvas – and incorporate contemporary genres and trends such as art nouveau, steampunk and fantasy art.

 All works are created in Switzerland, so Swiss nature and architecture are present in the designs – take a closer look to see mountains, lakes, valleys, chalets, Gothic cathedrals and even Chillon Castle.

Idea Board

Go Wilde

Pin up style posters with quotes by Oscar Wilde.

Mark of Twain

Victorian Gothic style posters with quotes by Mark Twain.

Haute Broderie

Fashion patterns for dolls


3d cubes for tabletop games.


Model personalisation of the national, traditional and local beliefs are posing for artistic nudes at their homes with cityscapes of London, Paris, Tokyo etc in their open windows.

Mask Off

Researching societal tropes, encouraging 'be yourself' mood.


Exploring the history of objects and creatures.


Chinese zodiac and the eight dragons.

Terrific Tales

A series based on urban legends genre with a distinct realistic approach. The pieces depict supernatural creatures in everyday life in monochrome blackwork stetching technique.


A mix of admiration on escapism with a healthy dose of satire on fantasy and romance tropes. Monochrome blackwork in stetching technique, depicting our favourite fantasy characters.


Iconic buildings are presented in their true form - but if you turn over the piece you will see their twins from a parallel fantasy reality.


This series features portals to the mythical realms and cities. Legendary, fantastical or lost, from Atlantis to Avalon, the sites are waiting for you to make the step over the threshold.

Elf Aware

Inspired by Icelandic beliefs on the hidden people and the story of Elfhill, this series explores the Celtic, Norse and Icelandic vision of elves as other-wordly beautiful creatures. Available as monogram bookmarks, or a full alphabet of Ogham runes sampler, or
A4 samplers.


Advent calendars with scenes from fairy tales. The best of the best parables like the Snow Queen, the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland are presented as a visual story of 24 highlights from the books and help count down the time to Advent.

Grim Grimm

Gothic cathedral with scenes from the Grimm tales as stained glass windows. Exploring the dark mood of the original text of the tales we now know as mass market princess stories in artistic settings.


A witch cottage with 8 windows to represent the 8 Wiccan solstices. Blackwork in colors, celebrating Pagan beliefs and the art of thread painting.

Art Anew

Classical art reimagined.

Perfect Bound

Famous couples from literature on the book pages.


Surrealistic art with iconic architectural landmarks that have been destroyed.

Call of Salem

Salem witches, Lovecraft universe, horror vibes.

Midsummer Bard's Dream

Floral and landscape motives, pre-raphaelite vibes, quotes by William Shakespeare.

Mad Catter

Surrealistic style, Cheshire cat, quotes by Lewis Carroll.

Wild Fang

Native American vibes, Jack London quotes.

Sea Song

Maritime seascapes, Jules Verne quotes.