Gothic Cathedral Temperature Stitch — Modern Cross Stitch Pattern Blackwork Embroidery

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This project fits in into a standard 12’x16′ or 30×40 cm frame.

This blackwork temperature map features a view of a gothic cathedral with colored stained glass windows. Gargoyles, pigeons, angels – and weeping angels – witness Quazimodo holding Esmeralda in his hands.

The stained glass windows represent months, a window each. A window is divided in several sectors (28, 30, or 31) and you only need to stitch one sector of a window per day.

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Framed design


The design is shown on 14 count Aida fabric, but you may also use evenweave or fabric with a different count.

Grid Size: 11.5″ x 15.7″ (160 x 220 stitches)

Design Area: 140×200 stitches




Stitches required: Backstitch. Single thread for all the design. No fractional stitches.

The chart shows all windows in the same color, as you will be selecting a color depending on the temperature, or your mood.

The top three windows are for January, February and March,

The first column is for April, May and June, from top to bottom.

The second column is for July, August and September, from top to bottom.

The third column is for October, November and December, from top to bottom.


The listing includes one chart that can be applied for both white and black canvas, with some of the floss colors replaced.

The floss is from the DMC Light Effects collection, but you may use the same floss numbers without the E prefix for regular stranded cotton


Color schemes:

Original: E898 dark oak for the walls, E310 black for the window settings.

Original on dark canvas: substitute E898 Dark oak with E746 cream; substitute E310 black with E940 glow in the dark.

Note: you may also stitch walls and window settings in regular cotton, for example 310 black on white canvas, and use Light effects only for the windows, this will create a nice contrast of rough surface of the walls and glass of windows. On black canvas, you may stitch the walls AND the window settings in E940 glow in the dark.

The pattern will look great with any color scheme, so you may use the floss you have left and black or white for the background.

Suggestion on the temperature range:


10°-15° = E718 Pink Garnet

16°-20° = E3837 Purple Ruby

21°-25° = E155 Amethyst

26°-30° = E825 Blue Sapphire

31°-35° = E3843 Light Blue Sapphire

36°-40° = E3849 Aquamarine Blue

41°-45° = E334 Blue Topaz

46°-50° = E415 Pewter

51°-55° = E966 Lime

56°-60° = E135 Golden Dawn

61°-65° = E703 Light Green Emerald

66°-70° = E699 Green Emerald

71°-75° = E3852 Dark Gold

76°-80° = E3821 Light Gold

81°-85° = E677 White Gold

86°-90° = E316 Pink Amethyst

91°-95° = E321 Red Ruby

96°-100° = E815 Dark Red Ruby

101°-105° = E130 Gemstones

106° and more = E3685 Rosewood


-15°- -13° = E718 Pink Garnet

-12°- -10° = E3837 Purple Ruby

-9°- -7° = E155 Amethyst

-6°- -4° = E825 Blue Sapphire

-3°- -1° = E3843 Light Blue Sapphire

0°-2° = E3849 Aquamarine Blue

3°-5° = E334 Blue Topaz

6°-8° = E415 Pewter

9°-11° = E966 Lime

12°-14° = E135 Golden Dawn

15°-17° = E703 Light Green Emerald

18°-20° = E699 Green Emerald

21°-23° = E3852 Dark Gold

24°-26° = E3821 Light Gold

27°-29° = E677 White Gold

30°-32° = E316 Pink Amethyst

33°-35° = E321 Red Ruby

36°-38° = E815 Dark Red Ruby

39°-41° = E130 Gemstones

42° and more = E3685 Rosewood

It is best to check the temperature range of the place where you live and divide this roughly into 20 portions, so that all colors are represented.


Digital cross stitch / blackwork pattern

No physical items will be shipped. A PDF pattern will be emailed to you within 1 working day.

No fabric, floss, or other materials are included in the listing. The finished embroidery shown in the photos is for demonstration purposes only.