Angel Sigils Stitch Along

The complete collection of ancient angenology, a fundamental study of the renaissance christian ceremonial magic.

9 choirs of angels, 8 archangel sigils, 7 planetary archangel houses, 72 guardian angel sigils, and 88 Zibu angelic signs.

Large Sampler or Framed Projects

Guardian Angel Sigils Sampler

The angel sigils sampler includes

  • 9 choirs of angels
  • 8 archangel sigils: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Camael, Sachiel, Anael, Cassiel
  • 7 archangel sigil (seals of the 7 planets and the 7 Olympian spirits by Agrippa, 7 alchemical metal signs, the elements of matter,  the cardinal points and the seasons of the 4 Archangels)
  • Metatron sigil (aka Enoch Sigil or Metatron Cube)
  • Rose Cross Wheel
  • 72 guardian angel sigils
  • 88 angelic Zibu signs

The stitching chart suggests 4 colors, and includes 6 color schemes for white and back fabric. The pattern is optimised for monochrome blackwork as well. 

  • Design area is 270×400 stitches, 19.5’x29′
  • Grid size is 290×420 stitches, 21’x30.5′
  • The individual sigils are accompanied with a frame that you can use for a framed project
  • Join any time! All released charts are available upfront.

You may also use individual sigil designs for fast gift projects. Every sigil is associated with a guardian angel to protect and guide you.

Framed Projects or Gift Cards

Zibu Keyrings

Sacred Geometry Special Projects

  • Sacred Geometry Sampler – 170×220 stitches, 12’x16′
  • The Archangel Sigils Sampler 140×140 stitches, 10’x10′
    4 archangel sigils, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, and Metatron Sigil)
  • The Archangel Sigils Day Clock: 200×200 stitches, 14.5’x14.5′
    7 archangel sigils (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Camael, Sachiel, Anael, Cassiel), and their seals of the 7 planets and the 7 Olympian spirits by Agrippa, 7 alchemical metal signs, plus the elements of matter,  the cardinal points and the seasons of the 4 Archangels)
  • 88 Angelic Zibu Signs Sampler/Clock – 160×160 stitches, 11.5’x11.5′

6 Color Schemes for White and Black Canvas

The Four Elements of Matter

This combination of 4 colors supports mouline or the Light Effects metallic threads from DMC.​

Ascetic Blackwork

Recommended floss is DMC 310, black. A perfect choice for those who have got a Cone of Doom!​

Precious Metals

Magical and enchanting, gold, silver, copper and bronze are ideal for creating powerful amulets.​

8 Archangel Sigils

Every sigil includes the ancient celestial sign, Rose Cross sigil, the name of archangel in English and Hebrew, planet sign and Zodiac sign.


Who is like God
Planet: Sun. Zodiac: Leo.
Day of week: Sunday.


Man of God (Strength of God)
Planet: Moon. Zodiac: Cancer
Day of week: Monday


God heals
Planet: Mercury. Zodiac: Virgo.
Day of week: Wednesday


Light of God
Planet: Uranus. Zodiac: Aquarius
* Enochian name instead of signature


Who sees God
Planet: Mars. Zodiac: Aries & Scorpio.
Day of week: Tuesday


Covering of God
Planet: Jupiter. Day of week: Thursday
Zodiac: Sagittarius & Pisces.


Joy of God
Planet: Venus. Zodiac: Taurus & Libra.
Day of week: Friday


Speed of God
Planet: Saturn. Day of week: Saturday
Zodiac: Capricorn & Aquarius.

72 Guardian Angel Sigils

Every guardian angel sigil includes the name of the angel, the name meaning, the angelic signature, the Rose Cross sigil, the planetary and the Zodiac signs.

The 88 Zibu sigils are believed to be ancient Angelic Symbols which are used for healing and assisting your daily lives.


The the sigils are given in the alphabetical order, in the same way as the legend, counting row by row, from left to right.


Design Area: 11.5″ x 11.5″ (160 x 160 stitches)


You may optionally stitch this design without the legend, the design area without the legend is 120×120 stitches.


Both 120×120 and 160×160 versions have notches that allow to use this design as a clock. 


Also included is an additional design of 30×30 stitches should you like to stitch a particular sigil.