The Tamed

 TEACHER: Children, write down the sentence “The fish sat on the tree.”
PUPIL: But do fish really sit on trees?
TEACHER: Well… this fish was crazy.

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Large Sampler - or Gift Card Projects​

The Tamed Sampler features a curated collection of 9 cards, artfully merging the essence of homebound pets with their untamed ancestors. Wrapped in a detailed frame that boasts the double helix, lively butterflies, the iconic World Tree, and the evolutionary emblem—the Darwin fish with legs—this series pays homage to the intricate dance of evolution.

Encircling this art, Ali ibn Abi Talib’s words remind us of the wildness in our hearts and the comfort found in companionship.

‘People’s hearts are like wild animals; they attach their selves to those who love and train them.’

  • Grid size: 220Wx280H
  • Design area: 200Wx260H (14.3″x18.6″ or 36×47 cm)
  • Framing: standard 16″x20″ or 40×50 cm frame.

Individual Project or Gift Card Option:

Every pet ambigram can be stitched as an individual project.

  • Grid size: 70Wx100H
  • Design area: 50Wx80H (3.6″x5.7″ or 9.2×14.5 cm)
  • Framing: standard frames 4×6 inches (10×15 cm) or 5×7 inches (13×18 cm).

Recommended fabric: Aida 14 count.

No fractional stitches.

Single color, DMC 310.


The patterns were tested with a most common black embroidery floss, single thread. You may use DMC 310 - especially if you've got the Cone of Doom.​

Fast Fine Art

Single cards can be stitched in a day or two and complemented with a 4''x6'' (10x15 cm) photo frame. These projects are very economical and responsive.​

Original and thoughtful

Tamed cards are a unique gift for animal lovers, blending art and wonders of nature, celebrating the bond between pets and their ancestors.

Pets Portraits

Cat / Tiger

The rumor goes that people domesticated cats with dreams of having a pint-sized tiger in the living room.

Dog / Wolf

From city streets to moonlit forests, every pup has a bit of wolf in them, right? Just as fierce, just as loyal.

Cow / Antelope

Who would've guessed? Cows are cousins to both mighty bison and graceful antelopes.

Horse / Rhinoceros

Horses and rhinos? Distant cousins. One carries us, the other roams free. And yeah, size matters!

Chicken / T-Rex

Yes, that is correct. Genetically, chickens are closest kin to T-Rex. Nature never ceases to amaze!

Betta / Anglerfish

This kingdom is one of the eldest and the most fin-tastic. Family reunions can definitely be a bit fishy!

Rabbit / Lemur

Well, Brother Rabbit is truly our cousin, the scientists had to admit. Enter Lemur, a surprising primate kin.

Parrot / Falcon

Parrot and falcon, the avian odd couple. Shared ancestry revealed through molecular studies.

Chameleon / Komodo dragon

Chameleon and Komodo dragon, one palm-sized, the other a 10-feet monster—size extremes in lizard family.