Ancient Greek Pantheon – The Twelve Olympian Deities — Modern Cross Stitch Pattern Blackwork Embroidery

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This project fits in into a standard 16’x20′ or 40×50 cm frame.


This blackwork embroidery sampler pays homage to the grandeur of the twelve Olympian gods. Infused with intricate Greek motifs and amphoras embellished with olive leaves, each deity is depicted in a niche reminiscent of the grandeur of ancient Greek architecture. The gods are rendered in the style of classic Greek statues, with their shields bearing the emblem of their sacred animal, drawing inspiration from authentic references found on ancient Greek pottery. Surrounding them are the plants and artifacts associated with their divine legends.

  • Zeus: The king of gods, Zeus, stands aged and bearded, donning a chiton embellished with Greek motifs. He gazes down from Mount Olympus, with thunderbolts and a soaring eagle in the background. Oak leaves adorn the foreground, and a bull is proudly displayed on his shield.
  • Hera: Regal and dignified, Hera is portrayed with a peacock on her shoulder and pomegranates growing by her side. Wearing a polos, she stands before the Milky Way shining over the sea and a temple on a hill, reminiscent of the Second Temple of Hera in Paestum. According to myth, her milk was the origin of the galaxy.
  • Poseidon: The mighty Poseidon stands with his trident, a sea breeze swaying his beard and long hair. In the background, a trireme sails across the ocean, while dolphins frolic around him. Corals from his underwater castle rise beneath him. His shield features a hippocampus, symbolizing his dominion over the seas.
  • Demeter: Demeter stands before a field where the moon gives way to the sun, symbolizing her dominion over life and death. Butterflies flutter around her, while a flower wreath crowns her head. She holds a cornucopia filled with Greek harvests: pumpkins, apples, grapes, and wheat. Grapevines and wheat stalks surround her. Her shield features a horse, nodding to the myth of Poseidon’s creation of horses to win her favor and her transformation into a mare to escape him.
  • Athena: The wise and warlike Athena wears a Corinthian helmet and holds a spear. A serpent with feathered head coils around her, referencing the winged serpent from her chariot. Olive branches frame the scene, with a sea and ships in the background, symbolizing her protection of the shores and heroic ventures. Her shield bears the emblem of an owl.
  • Apollo: Young and beautiful, Apollo is depicted wearing only a pteruges, with an olive wreath adorning his head. He holds a bow and reaches for an arrow, symbolizing his mastery of archery. A lyre rests in the background, highlighting his musical prowess. Light sparkles around him, reflecting his role as the god of light. His shield features a raven, symbolizing his prophetic powers.
  • Athena: The virgin goddess Athena stands resolute, armed with her bow and arrow, donning a peplos and a winged hairpiece reminiscent of her ancient representations. She commands the scene, flanked by forests and mountains, attended by her nymph entourage. A torch, symbolizing her connection to Hecate, and the crescent moon, linked to Selene, adorn the background. Her shield proudly displays a deer, her sacred animal.
  • Ares: Standing boldly amidst the aftermath of battle, Ares, the god of war, holds his spear and sword, embodying the chaos and destruction of conflict. Clad in his helmet and pteruges, his powerful torso remains exposed, a testament to his invincibility. Smoke rises from the ruins, flames flicker beside him, painting a scene of conquest and turmoil. On his shield, a vulture, symbolizing his association with death and carnage, completes the depiction of war’s grim reality.
  • Aphrodite: Radiant and ethereal, Aphrodite emerges from a seashell in a timeless depiction of her birth. Adorned only by her flowing locks and shield, she embodies classical beauty and purity. Behind her, the calm sea reflects the rising sun, while playful dolphins frolic in the waves. Roses bloom abundantly, symbolizing love and desire. Her shield bears the image of a swan, a symbol of her graceful elegance and timeless charm.
  • Hephaestus: In the heart of his forge, Hephaestus toils tirelessly, raising his hammer high over a glowing sword resting on his anvil. Surrounded by flames, his muscular form reflects his prowess as the divine blacksmith. Despite his shorter stature, his strength is unmatched. A crane, symbolizing vigilance and craftsmanship, adorns his shield.
  • Hermes: Clad in his traveler’s cloak and adorned with his iconic round hat with wings, Hermes exudes youthful vigor and swiftness. Wings sprout from his shoulders, symbolizing his role as a messenger of the gods. In one hand, he holds the caduceus, a symbol of commerce and communication. Draped over his shoulder is a messenger’s bag, filled with scrolls and secrets. His shield bears the image of a tortoise, a nod to the myth of how he crafted the first lyre from its shell.
  • Hestia: Clad in a simple tunic and peplos, the serene goddess holds a loaf of bread in her hands, symbolizing the hearth and home. An oven and pottery-lined shelves stand as tributes to her sacred domain of home and hearth. Before her, an amphora symbolizes the sustenance she provides, whether through oil or wine. Her shield, adorned with a pig, honors her as the guardian of domestic abundance and familial harmony.

Framed design


The design is shown on 14 count Aida fabric, but you may also use evenweave or fabric with a different count.

Grid Size: 19.64″ x 15.7″ (275 x 220 stitches)

Design Area: 18.57″ x 14.43″  (202 x 260 stitches)




Stitches required: Backstitch. Single thread for all the design. No fractional stitches.


Floss and Canvas


Monochrome design, DMC 310 or the color of your choice. The pattern is done with a single thread of floss, e.g. DMC 310. There are no fractional stitches in the pattern, but some stitches may intercross for artistic effect.

The pattern is intended for Aida 14, and can also be done on evenweave 28 over 2. It is not recommended to use a denser canvas as the details are likely to be lost. It is crafted to perfectly fit 14-count Aida fabric and effortlessly slides into a standard 40×50 frame, offering you a hassle-free and cost-effective framing solution for your holiday decor.

Digital cross stitch / blackwork pattern

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