B – Beith – Elf Aware Series – Druid Horoscope / Celtic Ogham Alphabet — Modern Cross Stitch Pattern Blackwork Embroidery (Copy)

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The project takes a couple of days to stitch, uses 6 colors, and requires less than one skein of each. There are no fractional stitches in the chart.

B (Beith) /ˈbiːθ/
Celtic Tree Zodiac Sign: Birch
Druid Horoscope Dates: Jun 21 (Summer Solstice – Litha, the celebration of Mother Earth)
Sign Description: Birch individuals are known for their pleasant nature, modesty, and spiritual depth. Resilient and creative, they excel in arts but remain humble, embodying purity and renewal.


All stitches done with a single thread of floss. You may use DMC or any other thread suitable for blackwork embroidery.

There are no fractional stitches in this pattern. However, some stitches may intercross to create artistic shapes.

The embroidery may also done with DMC Light Effects, if you are comfortable stitching with these threads. Simply look for the same colors with an E prefix, e.g. E703 instead of 703.

The embroidery can also be done in monochrome. In this case, use DMC 310 (or another color of your choice) for the whole design.

Design Size


The design is shown on 14 count Aida fabric, but you may also use evenweave or fabric with a different count.

Single Bookmark Size:

31×95 stitches = 2.2×6.8 in = 5.6×17.3 cm

Arranged by 2:

Grid Size – 85×111 stitches = 6.1×7.9 in = 15.5×20.1 cm
Design Area – 69×95 stitches = 4.9 x 6.8 in = 12.4×17.3 cm





Stitches required: Backstitch. Single thread for all the design.


About the series


Elf Aware series is inspired by the ancient Ogham runes used in Celtic times, with a focus on tree names and Druid horoscopes. The collection is rooted in the folklore surrounding Elfhill, a construction site in Iceland associated with mysterious events attributed to hidden folk-elves thought to protect their territory.

This series explores Icelandic beliefs in hidden beings and the Norse vision of Alfheim, the realm of elves, blending architectural elements from Gothic, Celtic, and Art Nouveau styles.

Each portrait in “Elf Aware” presents elves attired in Viking-inspired fashion, featuring intricately braided hair adorned with colors evocative of the northern lights-a nod to Icelandic heritage and folklore. The series includes dates for the Celtic horoscope associated with each rune, along with depictions of the corresponding tree or plant.

Available in four formats – bookmarks, A4/Letter triptychs for 8×10 inches frames, pentaptychs for 12×16 frames, or a full alphabet with 26 runes and the World Tree designed for a standard poster frame – this collection invites exploration of rich symbolism and ancient cultures through embroidery.

Digital cross stitch / blackwork pattern

No physical items will be shipped. A PDF pattern will be emailed to you within 1 working day.

No fabric, floss, or other materials are included in the listing. The finished embroidery shown in the photos is for demonstration purposes only.