January 14, 2024 By circlecross Off

The Tamed – Embroidering Evolution

Just wanted to jot down some musings on my latest embroidery project—a quirky exploration into the wild side of our favorite domestic buddies. Picture this: small 5×7 inch pieces, framed on a budget, showcasing the cozy companions we share our homes with and their untamed ancestors. Because, let’s be honest, there’s a bit of the wild in even the fluffiest of our pets.

  1. Cat – Tiger: Ever catch your cat giving you the look that says, “I’m a majestic beast in a domestic disguise”? That’s the vibe I’m going for with this piece. From the living room sofa to the dense jungles of the wild—our feline friends have some serious roots.
  2. Dog – Wolf: Tiny toy terrier, meet your wild and free ancestor—the wolf. There’s a bit of the call of the wild in every little bark, right?
  3. Cow – Aurochs: Who knew that the peaceful cows in our fields had ancestors like the mighty aurochs? It’s like comparing a cozy afternoon nap to an epic saga.
  4. Horse – Phenacodus: From our trusty companions in the stables to the ancient wonders of the prehistoric past. A nod to the roots of our equestrian friendships.
  5. Chicken – T-Rex: Yep, you read that right. The humble chicken has a distant cousin in the mighty T-Rex. Evolution is full of surprises, isn’t it?
  6. Fish – Shark: Swimming in a bowl or ruling the ocean—our aquarium friends have a shared ancestry with the kings of the deep. It’s all in the genes.
  7. Rabbit – Wild Hare: From fluffy laps to swift hops—our domestic bunnies share a lineage with their wild, free-spirited cousins.
  8. Parrot – Falcon: Turns out, our chatty parrot pals are distant relatives of the swift and fierce falcons. Who would’ve thought? Family reunions must be a riot.